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1. How does one prevent shaving bumps?

General Approach

Discontinue use of razor blade shave because it cuts the hairs short allowing them to penetrate the skin.
Alternatively use an electric hair clipper or shaver because it does not cut the hair close to the skin.
Shaving on alternating days will decrease ingrown hairs.
Do not shave against the grain.

Shavex Healthy Skin Care

Apply Shavex Ultra twice daily. Pain or irritation result especially in people with open sores.
If irritation continues or gets worse change to Tonic.
If shaving bumps still persist apply Tonic in the morning and Shavex Ultra at night.


If the above measures fail, consult your doctor for further advice.

2. What causes shaving bumps?

The problem results when highly curved hairs grow back into the skin to form ingrown hair which is then covered by overlying skin to form shaving bumps.

3. Do shaving bumps develop in all people?

Shaving rash occurs in the beard area of people with curly hair especially Black Africans and African Americans.

4. What are shaving bumps?

It is rash which develops after shaving close to the skin, particularly with a razor.


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